Rhyncholaeliocattleya Akebono Shimadzu 1930 (registered RHS)
( Rhyncholaeliocattleya Peetersiae × Cattleya labiata )

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Pollen Parent

Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
Rlc. Liliuokalani Rlc. Akebono C. Dupreana
Rlc. Aketie Rlc. Akebono C. Flirtie
Rlc. Haruto Kodama Rlc. Akebono C. Gay Gordon
Rlc. Emily Kodama Rlc. Akebono C. General Pulteney
Rlc. Kaahumanu Rlc. Akebono C. Massasoit
Rlc. Rowoldiana Rlc. Akebono C. Mimbreno
Rlc. Onomea Rlc. Akebono C. Mount Royal
Rlc. Alapai Rlc. Akebono C. Prince Shimadzu
Rlc. Kenneth C. Choy Rlc. Akebono C. Ramada
Rlc. Gladys Boyd Rlc. Akebono C. Roehrsiana
Rlc. Kamehameha Rlc. Akebono C. Tityus
Rlc. Frieda Hutchison Rlc. Akebono C. trianae
Rth. Lunalilo Rlc. Akebono Gur. bowringiana
Ryc. Kinau Rlc. Akebono L. anceps
Rlc. Lillie Latham Rlc. Akebono Rlc. Hartland
Rlc. Makua Rlc. Akebono Rlc. Pallas Athene